year 4 spring 2016

In year 4 we have done the water cycle and in literacy we have done some short stories of billy the water droplet. We are now doing brochures we have done a Cleethorpes brochure we got told we could do Cyprus, bad Gastien, new York and Blackpool and finally we are now doing the moon and in science it was very fun

by Scarlett Brookes

western bake off by hollie b

This week we have been doing baking. In our class we have made a multi coloured cake with icing on and marshmallows with sprinkles . Then at home I made a Cadbury crème egg cheesecake . My sister made an aero cheesecake. It was very fun and good . I came 1st place in the best cheesecake competition. My mum my dad and my 3 sisters helped me . For first place I got a medal a cook book and decorations to go on cakes . My class came 3rd place and we got a certificate that we are very pleased with .

Christmas choir singing by Hollie Bradley

This week choir have been out to different places like Matalan , Tesco , Cranwell court where the elderly people live .We go to placing sing so we can raise money for our school .Next week we are going to st. Margrets to sing to some other elderly people .Also at Cranwell court there is a man called George and he was a famous footballer and an old man who was 99 years old . There was a man and when the choir were having a drink he came and sang us a lovely song and he was very funny . It was very nice meeting the elderly people and thank you for all the teachers that arranged the trips for us all in the choir .

last week by sophie mitchell

In science we was talking about what makes our teeth rot and we planed what do it with cups and we got an egg and placed it in the cup for four days . In maths we were drawing a shape in our book and telling what angles we could see and what properties we could see and we . We wrote what angles we could see and what properties we could see . In literacy we were planning a story about the three little pharaohs.